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The USA Canada Cup Series
Powered by Future NCAA Student Athletes & Future Olympians
Since 2008, the USA Canada Cup Series has been the main stage for thousands of future NCAA student athletes and hundreds of National Team players in women's hockey.

2023 MEDAL GAMES 19u/u22

2022 October Tournament  19U/ U22

GOLD Champion                   5 KW Rangers Jr's

GOLD Finalist                        3 Florida Alliance

Silver Champion                  3 Belle Tire

Silver Finalist                      2 Ridley College

Bronze Champion               3 Durham West Jr's

Bronze Finalist                    2 Little Caesars


GOLD Champion                 4 Pittsburgh Elite

GOLD Finalist                      1 Stoney Creek

Silver Champion                2 Chicago Mission

Silver Finalist                     1 Whitby

Bronze Champion              3  Durham West

Bronze Finalist                   1 Little Caesars

GOLD 19u/u22

(2)Philadelphia vs Chicago Mission(3) OT

Silver 19u/u22

(4)Burlington vs Waterloo (2)

Bronze 19u/u22

(2)Stoney Creek vs Ridley (4)

Brass 19u/u22

(0)Gilmour Academy vs Bluewater u22 (4)

2023 MEDAL GAMES 16u/u18

GOLD 16u/u18

(1) Belle Tire vs Oakville (0)

Silver 16u/u18

(1) North York vs Pittsburgh (2)

Bronze 16u/u18

(2) Brampton vs Little Caesars (3) OT

Brass 16u/u18

(0) Waterloo vs Winnipeg (3)

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Congratulations to our former Cup Series National team players!!

  • Detroit, USA

  • Kitchener, CAN

USA Canada Cup- 2023 - 16U - 19U

October 13-15, 2023

46 Teams in 16U and 19U divisions

16U/U18 Division

Belle Tire 16U

Biggby 16U

Bluewater U18

Brampton U18

Burlington U18

Cambridge U18

Chicago Mission 16U

Etobicoke U18

Florida Alliance 16U

Honeybaked 16U

Kitchener U18

Little Caesars 16U

Madison Capitols 16U

North York U18

Oakville U18

Philadelphia Jr. Flyers 16U

Pittsburgh Elite 16U 

Sault Ste Marie U18

St Louis Lady Blues 16U

Stoney Creek U18 

Waterloo U18

Whitby U18

Windy City Storm 16U

Winnipeg Avros U18

19U/U22 Division

Belle Tire 19U

Biggby 19U

Bluewater U22

Brampton U22

Burlington U22

Chicago Mission 19U

Florida Alliance 19U

Gilmour Academy 19U

Honeybaked 19U

Little Caesars 19U

Madison Capitols 19U

Nichols School 19U

Oakville U22

Philadelphia Jr. Flyers 19U

Pittsburgh Elite 19U

Ridley College 

St Louis Lady Blues 19U

Stoney Creek U22

Toronto-Leaside U22

Waterloo U22

Windsor Southwest U22

Windy City Storm 19U

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